Citroen C1 Turbo

Citroen C1 Turbo

Citroen C1 with turbo conversion and handling pack  

Full Conversion


£4495 installed, road tested and dyno tuned

We wanted to develop a modern hot hatch that combined light weight with high grip and excellent fuel economy. Since we started to develop C1GTI many major manufacturers have adopted the small engine with turbo route but we don't think any of them offer the compelling balance of power and torque in such a light chassis. We deliberately went with the base model as being stripped of luxuries this model came in at the quoted 790kg. Naturally if you have a heavier higher spec car to start with the performance won't be quite as good. The conversion adds a little weight but the C1 GTI still sports a very healthy power to weight ratio of 136hp per ton. Our original conversion car has now covered over 20000 fault free miles


Full Conversion includes:

ECU & Fuel System
AEM Power piggy back - maintaining all OE emissions and safety controls, VVTI control maintained maximising economy and low end torque, idling and starting characteristics maintained, NO Engine Check Lights. Denso 360cc Fuel Injectors - rather than one additional injector we have gone the same route the manufacturer themselves would have taken - correct oversized injectors.

Turbocharger Conversion

110hp ECO-R 6 Stage Digital Boost Control, Water Injection, Power with Economy.

Stainless Steel Turbo Pipe Kit - turbo mounted post CAT no MOT problems and easy installation. Turbocharger - KKK K03 Turbo (same turbo as a 1.8 T VW Golf GTI our Track R spec coming in 2012 will be good for 150hp with the correct fuel and boost map).

Stainless Steel Exhaust - sound subtle at all times with a purposeful growl at higher rpm and throttle openings. Water Injection - Keeps the exhaust temperatures down to maintain cat life. Also protects piston crown and stops detonation without the factory ECU pulling spark unecessarily. Water injection allows the use of 95 octane fuel with lower boost levels.

Oil Cooler - essential for engine longevity and turbo life.

Uprated DENSO Spark Plugs - Fine wire electrode, Iridium - 2 grades colder

BMC Air Cone Airfilter - located inside the N/S arch liner away from water and away from the engine bay.

Battery - located in the boot to make space for the the KO3 Turbo.

Oil Breather / Drain mods - modified sump, modified cam cover

Water Injection- -ECO-R, TRACK only. 5 Bar H20 injection system to cool charge air and more importantly protect the standard cast pistons and reduce turbo / cat and underbonnet temperatures. Low level warning. Operation on boost map 1 (96HP) possible without H20 injection. Essential for engine longevity
Sports Suspension
Custom designed UK Made Coilover Suspension - using track orientated spring rates this car is at home on the road and the circuit.
Pitch optimised spring rates - Due consideration given to pitch optimisation for typical B Road and Short circuit speeds.

Rear Anti-Roll Bar
Custom 22mm Anti-roll bar - like most modern FWD cars they have much too much front roll stiffness. This is the one modification that truly makes this conversion and brings back 1980s levels of fun and involvement that you thought had gone for good.

Alloy Wheels & Tyres
ROTA Torque Alloys and Marangoni Zeta Linea Tyres - a proven combination offering light weight and good road wear rates with a track proven design (used for a number of years in the RX8 Cup in Italy and finding favour with Sprint Competitors looking for a decent list 1A Tyre).

Braking System
EBC Green Stuff Pads - We have not had any issues with the standard brake system the only upgrade being EBC Green Stuff pads - remember that the 205 GTI only had 247mm vented front discs and that weighed nearly 100kg more and didn't have the benefit of ABS or EBD.


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