Citroen C1 Turbo

Citroen C1 Turbo

Citroen C1 with turbo conversion  

Turbo Only



4 different versions to suit your budget

from 2995 GBP inc vat


Turbo Conversion Includes- Turbocharger, Oil System (inc Oil Cooler and connection to turbo), AEM FIC ECU with full installation instructions, Turbo Pipe kit (2 piece one from Standard cat to turbo and one from turbo to under car near gearshift).

Exhaust System 2" bore minimum, Intercooler or H20 system, Silicone Hoses, Aluminium Pipe, Air Filter, Colder Spark Plugs, Move battery to boot, Boost controller (optional if requiring more than base boost), Modify sump to take oil from turbo, Modify cam cover oil system, connect up breathers correctly to ensure turbo doesn't pressurise the crankcase.

FULL TURN KEY INSTALL from 2995 GBP inc vat and dyno tuned

Our Demo Car has now covered 20000 fault free miles and all this on the original clutch!

ECO - 96 hp 0.35 bar boost. The lowest cost, the best fuel economy. No need for water injection. No boost control just wastegate conrol. Upgrade to ECO-R at a later date. 2995 GBP INC VAT

ECO-R - 110HP 0.6 bar boost. 6 Stage Electronic Boost control courtesy of GFB GForce. "Scramble Boost" button for temporary increase in boost. 5 Bar Water injection system to eliminate knock, cool inlet charge, cool pistons and reduce EGT. 3495 GBP INC VAT

TRACK - 130HP, 6 Stage Electronic Boost control, Sports Catalyst - not type approved so track use only. Will pass current UK MOT. 3995 GBP INC VAT

Turbo Only includes:

ECU & Fuel System
AEM Power piggy back - maintaining all OE emissions and safety controls, VVTI control maintained maximising economy and low end torque, idling and starting characteristics maintained, No Engine Check Lights during normal operation. Denso 360cc Fuel Injectors - rather than one additional injector we have gone the same route the manufacturer themselves would have taken - correct oversized injectors.

Turbocharger Conversion

Stainless Steel Turbo Pipe Kit - turbo mounted post CAT no MOT problems and easy installation. Turbocharger - KKK K03 Turbo (same turbo as a 1.8 T VW Golf GTI our Track R spec coming in 2012 will be good for 150hp with the correct fuel and boost map).

Stainless Steel Exhaust - sound subtle at all times with a purposeful growl at higher rpm and throttle openings. Water Injection - Keeps the exhaust temperatures down to maintain cat life. Also protects piston crown and stops detonation without the factory ECU pulling spark unecessarily. Water injection allows the use of 95 octane fuel with lower boost levels.

Oil Cooler - essential for engine longevity and turbo life.

Uprated DENSO Spark Plugs - Fine wire electrode, Iridium - 2 grades colder

BMC Air Cone Airfilter - located inside the N/S arch liner away from water and away from the engine bay.

Battery - located in the boot to make space for the the KO3 Turbo.

Oil Breather / Drain mods - modified sump, modified cam cover

Water Injection- -ECO-R, TRACK only. 5 Bar H20 injection system to cool charge air and more importantly protect the standard cast pistons and reduce turbo / cat and underbonnet temperatures. Low level warning. Operation on boost map 1 (96HP) possible without H20 injection. Essential for engine longevity

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